CrossFit Iron in the Fire Benchmark Workout Leaderboard

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Bergeron's Open Test

1st David T 313 Reps Advanced
2nd Chris S 260 Reps Advanced
1st Angela G 241 Rounds Advanced
2nd Devon R 240 Rounds Advanced
3rd Megan M 350 Reps Advanced
4th Tina C 341 Reps Advanced
5th Jackie O 338 Reps Advanced


1st Joe A 0:00 Advanced
1st Alex A 0:00 Advanced
3rd Juan P 7:21 Advanced
4th Shane S 8:03 Advanced
5th Tony M 8:15 Advanced
1st Shannon S 0:00 Advanced
1st Lauren K 0:00 Advanced
3rd Jessica S 5:52 Advanced
4th Lynn W 5:56 Advanced
5th Aimee R 6:10 Advanced


1st John H 0:00 Advanced
1st Alex A 0:00 Advanced
3rd Christopher R 16:57 Advanced
4th Juan P 16:59 Advanced
5th Keith Z 18:01 Advanced
1st Alyssa M 0:00 Advanced
1st June N 0:00 Advanced
3rd Lauren G 14:27 Advanced
4th Carly M 15:12 Advanced
5th Lauren M 15:17 Advanced