Entering your new fitness journey is relatively simple. CFIF offers a free 3-day trial (these 3 days should be used in succession), with no strings attached. You have the option of hopping right into a regularly scheduled class, or scheduling a 1 on 1 session with one of our coaches. Both scenarios include a warm-up, strength session, and metabolic conditioning component, with the 1 on 1 session being geared towards a prospective member who may be a little more hesitant or timid. Please email adam@crossfitironinthefire.com for more information or to ask specific questions regarding our training methodology, programming, individual class information, etc. We are here for you, so don’t hesitate to inquire about anything that you may have in mind.

All of our classes are structured the same way. Class lasts about an hour, is always led by a coach, and consistently involves a coach-led stretch, a dynamic warm-up, either a weightlifting or skill session (or both), and a metabolic conditioning (metcon) aspect. After each class is finished your coach will encourage taking as much time as you need to cool down correctly, whether via stretching, foam rolling, SRS, etc. We strongly encourage you take advantage of your coaches prowess when it comes to scaling movements that you are not comfortable with. We want you to come in and get a great workout, but more importantly, we want to see you again tomorrow and the next day!

It is suggested that you come in fresh at the start of a new week to get started. If this does not comply with your availability we can schedule a personal session with you and one of our trainers on a weekend day. Thank you!

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Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday 6am, 9am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm* (*not available on Fridays*)
  • Saturday 7:30am - advanced 8:30am - Barbell Club 10:00am - Partner/Team WOD
  • Sunday 9am to 11am Open
  • Gym Schedule: Monday - Friday: 7pm to 9pm (6-8 on Fridays) Sunday: 9am to 11am