First and foremost, we are a community. Friendships are formed within our walls more often than not. We cheer for each other, we counsel each other, and we have fun together.
The schedule can be found on the "Schedule" tab. A quick breakdown of our schedule is below: • We offer 6 classes a day during the week -- 6am, 9am, Noon, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm* (not on Friday). *On Wednesday evenings the 6pm class is a Barbell specific class.* • We have open gym from 7pm to 9pm every night. • On Saturdays, we offer Barbell specific class, which is 100% Olympic weightlifting form based and a great resource for both new and veteran lifters, as well as a Partner or Team WOD. Those class times are: Barbell Club = Warm-up begins at 8:30am; 9am class begins Partner or Team WOD = 10am • On Sundays we offer Open Gym from 9am to 11am.
Each class lasts an hour, on average. Class will always be led by a coach, and include a specific stretch routine, dynamic warm-up, strength/gymnastics/interval series, and a metcon of varying length. Everyday is different, there is no specific "Chest Day" or "Squat Day". The class programming works on 8-week cycles to both increase strength and competency in specific movements.
We have 2 base types of membership, a regular month-to-month membership with unlimited classes or a punch card option, which includes 10 classes pre-loaded on said card. There are discount options available for those who qualify. Please ask a staff member for more information regarding these.
Yes! Your first 3 days are absolutely free to try us out. If you find that the class times work with your schedule and you enjoy your experience, awesome! If not, no problem. We really mean free! *The 3 class days are to be done in succession*